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Imperial Abrasivi

IMPERIAL Prodotti Chimici ed Abrasivi was born in northeastern Italy, in the Mantua district, not far from Venice and Bologna. 

The company's international vocation (80% of total turn-over comes from sales on 5 continents) and the high, constant quality level of its products have made IMPERIAL Prodotti Chimici ed Abrasivi famous through-out the world for its reliability, service, promptnessand strong principles.

The constant evolution of its product range through careful market research keeps IMPERIAL up to date at all times on new tools and applications, so that it can always satisfy its partners anywhere in the world.

Its long experience in the industry has allowed IMPERIAL to study and develop in-house the most efficient technologies and perfectly integrated production processes. 
All of this has made it possible to offer products with an attractive quality/price ratio.

The entire production cycle - beginning with raw materials - is constantly monitored by its technicians using the most modern electronic and computer control system, to ensure that the quality of the abrasive products responds perfectly to the IMPERIAL quality parameters and philosophy at all times.

All new products have been developed based not only on the latest market demands but also in compliance with national and international job safety laws, and in observance of current regulations. 

Finally, the packaging of IMPERIAL products has been designed to comply with laws on product marking, and offers a complete range suited to every customer need in terms of quality, image and price. IMPERIAL is all of this: quality, reliability, service and image.

IMPERIAL is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSC© Chain of Custody certified. The FSC© policy is available on request.